Technology for the Couch Potato

I was kidding around. When I read an article: Cell Phone Elbow on MSN. So I post my comment on Twitter: Before we have carpal tunnel for typing to much. Tennis Elbow for playing to much Tennis. Now we have Cell Phone Elbow for using our Cell to much. I then post: Engineer should come up with a device we can use like a phone, watch tv/video. Without using our hands or limbs. To avoid problemitis.

Not long after that. FeaturedUsers post 7 Technologies Shaping the Future of Social Media.(by Mike Laurie) I fallowed the link and the list include the following:                      

1. The Arduino a small electric device that can detect odor.                                    

2. RFID Tags & Transponders to track items or count what you throw away.

3. Geomagnetic Sensors in Mobile Devices to know were your at or find were you need to go without getting lose.

4. Optical Pattern Recognition & Augmented Reality a face recognition that’s being use in Google (Picasa product ) so it will recognize people and categorize them properly.

5. OpenID, OAuth, and the Identity Graph so you don’t have to remember  your password all the time.

6. Mind Reading be able to do something just by thinking of it.

7. Natural Language Processing computers will understand what your trying to type or say.

If engineers are working on this trends, making something I discribe is not to far fetched. I think I saw something like this in MISSION IMPOSIBLE were Ethan Hunt (US agent) wear a glasses that can interact with people in the home office to give him direction and information on people he sees and talk to.

The device then will be similar to an eye glasses that is actually a Cell Phone which connect to the web by 3-4g network. To activate the device. The wearer of the unit touch the frame and a menu will pop up on the glasses were he can chose what it is he want to do by voice command. Which we can do now. 

the person still have to use his/her hands but it won’t be as excessive like using your cell phone now. Without a blue tooth device.

There you go. The next big thing Technology for the Couch Potato. Somebody make it. I’ll buy it.

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