My Hero My Dad

Its’ almost like yesterday when a man walking in our leaving room front door one afternoon was introduce to me by my Mother as my Father.  I was six at that time and I don’t know how I responded to him. All I can recall was he look so tall. Unlike some other people that can remember what they did with their father when they were growing up. My recollection of my Father is a cloud. The only recollection I have of him was he pick me up and gave me a hug and I felt scared. Who is this man who pick me up, smile and laugh at me. He didn’t stay long with the family before going back to what he does for the Army.

We left the Philippines were I was born to join our Father in America in 1959 to start a new life. We settled permanently in Fayetteville, NC. That is when I was 12yrs. of age.

To this day. I steel don’t know much about my father growing up. I don’t know if that would make much of a difference as I grow up.

J. Rabano

J. Rabano

Here’s a picture of him at a younger age. Don’t know when this was taken or his age. Our family never ask those questions’ or ask what he does for a living.

Mother only say, his most important job is to put food on the table. So we don’t ask what he do or when he’ll be back home. Home at that time is the Philippine Island. Because of his work and effort we are born a citizen of the United States of America.

I saw my Father the second time when we join him in the States 1959. Station in Fort Bragg NC. I was 12yrs. of age at that time.

Below is a picture of my Mother and my Father. I don’t know when this was taken. I made this picture showing showing my mother and father together.

My Mother & Dad

My Mother & Father

This is what he did in his life. For Country and Family.

My Dad, My Hero

My Father is a P.O.W. He was at the Bataan Death March. After being liberated by the U.S. (General MacArthur). He joined the United States Army.  Were he was sent to the DMZ in Korea. As if that was not enough for him. He was then sent to Vietnam War zone. Took a break to be with family only to be sent to the Dominican Republic. Then called back to Vietnam again.

He retired and was given a Meritorious Service Medal*Army Comendation Medal (4th OLC)*Good Conduct Medal (7th Award). This is his story for not being home with family. He’s been fighting for God and Country to keep his family safe from harm.

If someone ask me about my father. I tell them. He is my HERO for what he did to keep his Family FREE and FREE from harm. Do I know him? No. But I know the sacrifice he did to keep his family FREE. Which is  good enough for me.

This Sunday (3-4-12) my FATHER joined his Unit in HEAVEN. I’ll miss him but I know he is looking over his FAMILY.

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