Smoots’ Birthday Party

My Uncle Sid ask me if I’ve been to Fancy Gap or Galax. I never heard of the place but It’s been awhile since we traveled together so I just nod my head yes. Not knowing were that place is. I figure I’ll soon find out anyway. Why worry about trivia. Besides it’s on a Friday. I’m all for that.

On the road, I never though we would ever get out of town. Left turn here and there. Looks like we’re lose. We finally got turn around correctly and got there that evening and stayed in the Holiday Inn outside of Galax VA.

Were we stayed

Arriving that night. We stop by to have Mexican food and drinks.

Mieko Markarita

The next day. After a good night sleep. Uncle Sid and my sister went to the town of Galax VA.

Uncle Sid & Es

On the way to town. We saw this guy on his bike. OK

Bike & Truck

Well we finally got to town of Galax VA didn’t know there was an event going on that day. So we look around and enjoyed the morning looking at the event. Below are pictures of what went on.

Galax Street Festival


Finger puppet

Dancing in the Street

Antique Cameras

Girl seating on a shoe

Yellow face Clock

Well time flies when your having fun. It’s time to head to the mountain to join Smoot and friends. Actually Smoot is having his 70th birthday with a close friend Marge. So off we go to the mountain to join them. Getting there was tricky cause we didn’t know the area well. But we got there, here’s the view from the back of his house.

Mountain View

Here’s Smoot & Marge. Just on-time to see them enjoy there birthday which they plan 30yrs ago. They didn’t know this will happen. Which make it more especial for both of them. Thirty years ago when they talk about the reunion. They though both of them will be sitting around a rocking chair watching the grass grow.  Happy Birthday.

BirthDay Cple

Marge made these cake which she brought from Michigan. Taste so good.

Birth Day Cake

Well that was fun. As we are leaving I saw a hawk flying up in the sky like the spirit of the day was FAVORABLE for the birthday couple.


What a great way to end the day. Definitely one of my best time. Click on Smoot & Marge birthday to see more picture.

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3 thoughts on “Smoots’ Birthday Party

  1. rrabano

    Well Hello Marge.
    Glad u like the pictures. I don’t Jenell & Judy’s email. But u can forward the link to them and they will be able to open it. If not give me their e-mail and I’ll mail it to them. I’ll see if I can copy it on disc.

    Thanks again.

  2. billydec

    You’re an amazing photographer

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