LockCreek Restaurant

Looking for a place to eat tonight. My Uncle and sister invited me and Mieko (my wife) for dinner by the river. Never been there so went ahead and tag along. Getting there, the place look pretty nice.LocksCreek RestaurantLooking inside, they have a nice barBarSo we got seated and first thing first. Yep got to have a beer.BeerWith the beer came cornbread and butter. Oh yeaCornBreadThe cornbread was made in the restaurant moist and sweet tasting. Nothing like the smell of freshly made bread. then the main meal came in. I ordered the Fish Plate which consist of fried flounder, oyster and shrimp combo. HmmmmSeafood PlaterThe fish was lightly coated with their own flowr mix with seasoning. It tasted delicious. I ordered one plate but there was enough for two people which I shared with Mieko. We were so stuff. I have to walk by the river before heading home. At the river there were plenty of people fishing. Hope they caought something.River WalkOK! Time to head back home. If you’r looking for a good place to eat, check out LockCreek Reastaurant, Fayetteville, NC don’t know were its’ at but you can Google for direction. Later:)

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