If Price is No Object.

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While on Vacation in Vegas this yr. (7-24-09). Its’ a good thing that there are more to do than hang out the Casino’s and Hotel. Of course the accommodation were we stayed was excellent. But going to Vegas, you don’t spend your time in the hotel.

After a good night’s rest from the night before. We want to see the rest of Vegas have to offer. So we took a taxi from Mandalay Bay to the Bellagio which is a walking distance to Caesars Palace. As we walk around and look at the shops. I’m amaze at the number of people going thru these shops like you see people going to Walmart. Just a figure of speech cause they were allot of people going thru.

Just have to give people credit for those people that Price is No Object. Vegas Shops definitely have something for them. Even though I didn’t have the money to spend on the blings, and the clothes. It was fun going thru the shops. PEACE

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2 thoughts on “If Price is No Object.

  1. Yeah, Vegas has an interesting mix of tourists, those with money and those from more humble backgrounds. It’s interesting to see the high-rollers shopping alongside the average “Walmart” types. I’ll be a Walmart dude in Vegas next month 😉

    Keep on blogging.

    • rrabano

      Grt. to hear u’r headed to Sin City. Know u’ll enjoy yourself. Have more pics from my trip to show u. But since your headed there. Hate to spoil your fun.
      Enjoy u’r trip. Peace out.

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