Hong Kong

I always been wanting to go to Hong Kong. So when an opportunity came up. I went. Your only young once. Of course have to take my camera with me. What I find out quickly. This city is not camera friendly. Have several times approach by a security agent saying no pictures here.

Can’t understand why they feel that way. So I took some pictures where I can. Not sure I want to go back.

Hong Kong: Street Scene

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4 thoughts on “Hong Kong

  1. Actually I had a quite different experience when I was in Hong Kong last week. I never found any problem taking pictures, even in an office building. Maybe you were just a little unlucky. Try to take some pictures in other parts of the city.

    • rrabano

      Thanx for posting. That happen. Glad to hear you had a better experience.

  2. mjsturtevant

    Aww, Im really disapointed to here that your visit to Hong Kong wasn’t great… Did the photo issue really ruin it that much for you?

    • rrabano

      Don’t know about you. But when I travel I like to take lots of pictures and video when I can. What I don’t like is for somebody to tell me not to take pictures when there is no sign that say don’t take pictures. This is “Hong Kong” after all. Known for knock offs. My visit was great. Had a great time. I was able to take pictures but overall experience was not positive. There are other destination I’d go before thinking of going to visit Hong Kong AGAIN.

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