Tokyo Japan

Lunch! Japanese Style

When I was invited to have lunch with friends. I was thinking OK I’m hungry anyway. Didn’t expect it to be in a famous Restaurant that specialize in Tempura. I was game though. Glad I went. It was dellice!

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Girls Day out in Japan

This is what’s it like to spend a day in Japan with friends.

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One of Those Day’s

I was sitting  in my favorite bar one day and noticed sitting across me is a man who seem to be in a very bad mood contemplating drinking his drink.  Just as he lift the glass to drink the content.  A guy came from nowere took the drink off his hand and drunk it for him and began laughing.  Hahahahaha that was good he said.

Well the man was in disbelief.  He didn’t know what to say and start sobbing. Man felt bad for him and told him, if he felt that bad about it.  He can order any drink on the bar and he’d pay for it.  Well he thank the man for the offer.  While drinking his new drink.  He told him,   Well its’ been one of those days he said.  He start telling this man who drunk his drink.  That today his dog got run over which made him very sad.  Then he went to work and his Boss told him, he was laid off.  So he went home, only to find his wife run off with the Gardner.

So he said I came to this bar about to drink this glass of poison to take my own life  when you drink it for me.

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