Sunrise thru the Market House: Fayetteville NC

With a shift of the earth or something that I can’t explain. One can see the Sun Rise at the Downtown Market House in Fayetteville, NC. This phenomena happens twice a year. Once in January and in November.

I read about it on the Fayetteville Observer. But since I leave in town, I was not motivated enough to drag myself early in the morning and take pictures of it. Well this time, I decided to go downtown and take a picture of the Sunrise going thru Fayetteville Market House. I am so glad I did.

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The Windy City: Chicago

In Chicago one day, Cloudy nothing new. But can’t leave the City with no pictures. So went to the main street. Doing what tourist would do and took some pictures. Glad I did:)




Face in a building.


The pictures change. Just caught this man sleeping.

On my way out.  Saw the Saxman playing some Jazz.  Chicago fantastic City.

Mr. SaxMan

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Asakusa, Japan

Asakusa, Japan. So awesome. Have a great day just mingling.

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Hong Kong

I always been wanting to go to Hong Kong. So when an opportunity came up. I went. Your only young once. Of course have to take my camera with me. What I find out quickly. This city is not camera friendly. Have several times approach by a security agent saying no pictures here.

Can’t understand why they feel that way. So I took some pictures where I can. Not sure I want to go back.

Hong Kong: Street Scene

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One of Those Day’s

I was sitting  in my favorite bar one day and noticed sitting across me is a man who seem to be in a very bad mood contemplating drinking his drink.  Just as he lift the glass to drink the content.  A guy came from nowere took the drink off his hand and drunk it for him and began laughing.  Hahahahaha that was good he said.

Well the man was in disbelief.  He didn’t know what to say and start sobbing. Man felt bad for him and told him, if he felt that bad about it.  He can order any drink on the bar and he’d pay for it.  Well he thank the man for the offer.  While drinking his new drink.  He told him,   Well its’ been one of those days he said.  He start telling this man who drunk his drink.  That today his dog got run over which made him very sad.  Then he went to work and his Boss told him, he was laid off.  So he went home, only to find his wife run off with the Gardner.

So he said I came to this bar about to drink this glass of poison to take my own life  when you drink it for me.

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If Price is No Object.

DSC_0034, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

While on Vacation in Vegas this yr. (7-24-09). Its’ a good thing that there are more to do than hang out the Casino’s and Hotel. Of course the accommodation were we stayed was excellent. But going to Vegas, you don’t spend your time in the hotel.

After a good night’s rest from the night before. We want to see the rest of Vegas have to offer. So we took a taxi from Mandalay Bay to the Bellagio which is a walking distance to Caesars Palace. As we walk around and look at the shops. I’m amaze at the number of people going thru these shops like you see people going to Walmart. Just a figure of speech cause they were allot of people going thru.

Just have to give people credit for those people that Price is No Object. Vegas Shops definitely have something for them. Even though I didn’t have the money to spend on the blings, and the clothes. It was fun going thru the shops. PEACE

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Las Vegas Trip

DSC_0095, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Still remember going to Las Vegas. We left our office to catch our flight using US Air. Friday July 24-09. Leaving our town was the easy part. Its’ only a 2 stop flight to Vegas. 1st stop is in Atlanta made it in less than 2hrs. When the plane touch down. I was already in a party mode. The flight from our home to Vegas is only a 6hr flight.

Arriving in Atlanta Airport gave us plenty of time to sit and look at the terminal site. As the time goes by waiting for us to board. Our flight was delayed. 2hrs waiting and the flight later was cancelled.

So all the passengers on our flight going to Vegas was told of this and the one’s who heard this. Rush to the terminal to catch the available plain out to Vegas. So in the terminal we wait and wait. The lines were long and took a minimum 1hr. per customer to get a connection flight to Vegas.

Its’ now 5hrs. since our flight was cancelled in line for a connection to Vegas. As we wait for our tern to talk to the attendants. Which there were only 3 agents taking care of hundreds waiting to get there turn to get schedule for the next flight to Vegas. 2 of the front agent decided to take a break. While we wait there on line waiting.

If your’ reading this blog, you probably get the idea that it is a nightmare stranded in the airport waiting for your connecting flight.
But, thank goodness we finally made it to Vegas. We only have 4 nights. And the magic of Vegas make me forget what it took to get there.

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My July the 4th

July the 4th. As many times I celebrate the 4th. It seems like I just celebrate the 4th for the first time all over again. This 4th of July was special coz there are allot of family’s friend joining us at Surf Side to celebrate the 4th with us. I always say the more the merrier. We left Fayetteville early to join the party Friday evening at Surf Side SC. First thing in the morning everybody seem to be hungry for breakfast.BreakfastSince Winbeldon is on. Thats’ right early to us is closer to noon. We all want to watch the Williams play at Wimbleton. So we eat and watch:WatchingtvSince we all have new toys. Can’t help it if we talk pixcils.CalvinFrankAfter we finished with breakfast, our realtor friend Bill, been telling us that prices have drop considerably in the area and it might be worth it to look at some property. So we all went to look at houses that day.House 4saleThis house is awsome. I took more pictures so make sure to click on more pictures after reading this. According to Bill this house use to sell for $2.1 million. Its’ selling for $500.000.00 Wow. It also comes with animaties. So people who buy this home also would belong to a hotel clubHotelBy belonging to this club, you can entertain your friends in the club house. Which is fully stock with adult drinks. I’m liking this already.Club BarYou can also enjoy the club pool. Oh yea!Club OViewIt’s to good to be true. Isn’t life good if you got the bucks. Well we went back home to think about it. While tinking about it. We cool of in the pool.AtthepoolOK! Since we’re all wet, decided to head out to the beach.Ocean viewWe ate dinner. Then we walk back to the beach to watch the July the 4th fire works.Fire WorksWe stayed as long as we could. But all good things come to an end. Went back home exhausted and the guess still up and will be playing cards all night long.HomeWell more power to them but I’m gone. Well we had a great week hopefully everybody feel the same way. This I can do all over again. I do have more pictures click on Picture to see more. Ok that’s my 4th hope you have a good one also.

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Dinner at the Blue Moon

We were walking around Fayetteville, NC looking at historical sites. One of the building that has allot of history behind it is the Market House.Market HouseAnother reason I went downtown Fayetteville is to check out a new restaurant called the Blue Moon.BlueMoon
Ahh here it is. Looks inviting and they have outside seating which is nice kinda European. We went in to see whats’ available and true to my taste, Beer Special. I’m liking this place already.Beer Daily EspecialInside I talk to the manager Oliver Belche mixing up a especial concoction. Visit with him awhile to find out he’s a Fayetteville NC native. He’s married wife expecting anytime soon. Just came back to Fayetteville, from Denver to run the Blue Moon.Olie Special BagWell I wanted to try some of the micro-beer he has in stock. We started out with a sandwich which is delice. Hmmm yummi.SandwichI had beer, my Uncle had a mediterranean sandwich that has salmon and little amount of winegar which is to die for. I had more beer of course. We have desert, which is like a peach cobler with pecan nuts.Desert
Another delice dish. The drink, dinner and desert cost was not bad. The service is excellent. We left with our stomach full. The town has quint shops. So we walk around some and window shop.WindowShopping
There’s some new antique stores around which we have not been into. So we went in to check it out.AntiqueOverall  it was a great day in the city. So if you plan to go downtown Fayetteville. Make sure to stop by the Blue Moon. A good way to cap off your day. To see more pictures clik PICTURE. Enjoy

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LockCreek Restaurant

Looking for a place to eat tonight. My Uncle and sister invited me and Mieko (my wife) for dinner by the river. Never been there so went ahead and tag along. Getting there, the place look pretty nice.LocksCreek RestaurantLooking inside, they have a nice barBarSo we got seated and first thing first. Yep got to have a beer.BeerWith the beer came cornbread and butter. Oh yeaCornBreadThe cornbread was made in the restaurant moist and sweet tasting. Nothing like the smell of freshly made bread. then the main meal came in. I ordered the Fish Plate which consist of fried flounder, oyster and shrimp combo. HmmmmSeafood PlaterThe fish was lightly coated with their own flowr mix with seasoning. It tasted delicious. I ordered one plate but there was enough for two people which I shared with Mieko. We were so stuff. I have to walk by the river before heading home. At the river there were plenty of people fishing. Hope they caought something.River WalkOK! Time to head back home. If you’r looking for a good place to eat, check out LockCreek Reastaurant, Fayetteville, NC don’t know were its’ at but you can Google for direction. Later:)

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