Snowed In!

With all the snow that came sweeping through the South. I wasn’t only the one that was Snowed in. But, I’m glad to have a “Man Cave to go to.”


Every man should have a Man Cave to go to.

With time on my hand. I tried my hands on making jewelry. I always wanted a big ring which I could not find in the local Jewelry Store and talking to them what I wanted is like talking another Language. Yeah! I know it’s always going to cost a lot more because what I want is a ONE of a Kind. So thanks to the Snow. I made one.

My Silver Ring.

Hand made. One ounce of pure Silver.

Happy with the results. Next project is to make the Wife one.


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The Wedding

Ole & Candice I do, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

I call my nephews’ wedding From Boys to Man. When a man say “I do.” That is a journey to the world of RESPONSIBILTY. Giving up the carefree life of childhood. To commitment and responsibility of adulthood.

The wedding was two years ago. But when I look at this pictures, it looks like the wedding just happen last week. I had a good time. All the food all the drinks.Yea! It was a great wedding.

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Japanese Summer Festival

Japanesebaby, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Don’t need to go to Japan to enjoy Japanese culture. But it’s better if you go. NC State of North Carolina have this cultural exhibit this weekend 7-11-09. I attended only for one reason food. The sun that day was hidden by clouds which didn’t matter to me. I’m determine to have some authentic Japanese food. I also took my camera and took some some pictures of the event. I had a great time. Left with my bely full with great food. The only drawback is they were not serving BEER. Other than that it was a great day.

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Memorial Day Car Show

Steering wheel

Originally uploaded by rabano9196

Memorial day went downtown Fayetteville, NC some of the neat things I saw at that day.

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