The Blue Moon

Owner of the Blue Moon is having a BEER FEST so she invited me to take pictures of the event. She invited several people to taste several Micro Beer that she plan to offer depending on the respond of the group.

She also told me she don’t have money to pay for my time but, I can have FREE BEER.

FREE BEER! I said. Yeah! I’m there.

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Girls Day out in Japan

This is what’s it like to spend a day in Japan with friends.

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One of Those Day’s

I was sitting  in my favorite bar one day and noticed sitting across me is a man who seem to be in a very bad mood contemplating drinking his drink.  Just as he lift the glass to drink the content.  A guy came from nowere took the drink off his hand and drunk it for him and began laughing.  Hahahahaha that was good he said.

Well the man was in disbelief.  He didn’t know what to say and start sobbing. Man felt bad for him and told him, if he felt that bad about it.  He can order any drink on the bar and he’d pay for it.  Well he thank the man for the offer.  While drinking his new drink.  He told him,   Well its’ been one of those days he said.  He start telling this man who drunk his drink.  That today his dog got run over which made him very sad.  Then he went to work and his Boss told him, he was laid off.  So he went home, only to find his wife run off with the Gardner.

So he said I came to this bar about to drink this glass of poison to take my own life  when you drink it for me.

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66 Camaro SS

66 Camaro SS, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Visiting the 66 Camaro SS. Why I wasn’t into names.

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“Oh I’m stuck on Twitter and Twitter stuck on me.” Yea! borrowed this jingle from the Oscar Mayer hot dog jingle.  It sounded good and my mind seem to hum right along with this tune.

I’m still a newbie on Twitter. I started 3 months ago after being on other social media like Facebook.  I delete my account on Facebook ‘coz only people commenting on my uploaded pictures are immediate family and friends.  It got pretty boring for me and don’t really care what my niece or nephew been doing. I realize they need some privacy and me reading their intimate expose’ don’t really sit well with me. I definitely don’t want them to read what I’ve done in detail. That’ll be Creepy. I join Twitter so I can interact with people all over the world and learn their culture, interest and new hot trend in their part of the world. Also I enjoy taking pictures and want to share them not just with family and immediate friends but to everybody and see the reaction they get when I share my pictures and ideas.

Anyway now that I’m on twitter. The first thing I notice are people following. Who want you to follow them. At first I was excited that these people want to follow me. After awhile I realize the quality of the people that I’m following want me to follow them to increase their follower No. If your a newbie, it feels like its’ OK since you don’t have enough people following you anyway. It’s OK to follow these people with hundreds of followers. Like I envy them for having so many followers. Like they’re special. As I get to understand social media. I stop following them. I realize the followers I’m following are not that important as I though they are. As a matter of fact, I feel I’m more important to them. So if your joining Twitter, don’t feel bad if you have a handful of followers.  I didn’t start out with hundreds of followers but get one or two then three till I have at least 900 plus followers at present. As far as me following. I want to follow people who follow me of course. But it gets’ to the point at one time were my following out-numbered my followers.  If your reading this, you know what I mean. Weeding out your unwanted following is hard. It takes allot of time. Able to solve this when I bought an iPhone and bought Twitpro apps now called Echofon from iPhone apps store. This help allot. If you have one of this smart phone. It’s worth it to buy this from the Apps store.  Its’ worth it to me.

I found this app when I was posting my thoughts and ask which app is a good companion to Twitter on the road.  A follower @Rene818 recommended  this to me and pretty grateful he did. Use it all the time to browse my Twitter and see if followers are also following. If not, I can un-follow them.

The quality of followers is the key in Twitter. To get quality followers, I try to say hello and engage them when I see them on my post to see if they hello or post back. If not, I un-follow them. Sometimes, I don’t understand why people really join Twitter. Twitter is a social media. That means anybody including their brother can access your post and post a comment how they feel about your post. I have had some followers that I posted on their post. They don’t respond or respond like I interrupted their private party. If you have this type of followers.  Delete this people right away.

This reminds me when I was using a two way radio. To get road information from a Trucker going the opposite way.  Love to chat with truckers. If you say hi to one you might get a dozen saying hi back. If they want to chat privately they can tell the other Trucker to go to another channel.Well Twitter is similar to a two way radio chat in Twitter. You can have a private conversation with your followers by DM or direct messages if you don’t want to have other eyes looking at what your saying.

Being able to share  your ideas and thoughts is fun especially if you have other people you don’t know post back to what you are thinking.  But the quality of conversation in Twitter depend on the quality of  your followers they are key. But, from my experience with Twitter. There are a few people who will post back to you. Like out of 900 of my followers. I can say maybe 10 people will have a decent conversation with you.

So for people who have thousands of followers that you’r following and you want to chat with them. There is no way for them to talk back at you. So choose who you want to follow. And as a follower, subject can range from money making ideas, to technology or marketing etc, etc. you name it.

There are of course people who are saying you can make money on Twitter. There is a way, but you have to be smart about it. Is it good to be on Twitter. To me Yes. But you have to try it and find out for yourself. Peace.

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Cobra, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

I’ve been a big fan of the Cobra since I first saw one in a garage all beat up sitting in Lafayette Ford auto shop. I know its a badass ride even in wreck condition. It look like it will burn the tires down to the rims.

Looking back at the history of this car. AC stands for Auto Carriers LTD. and its’ a British brand. How the AC Cobra became a Ford was actually not the first choice for Carroll Shelby. He wanted a big block V8 and went to Chevy 1st but was turn down by GM. He went to Ford and like they say history was made.

One of this days. I’ll be crusing in one of this BAD-BOYS on Route 66. Right in my dream. Peace out.

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If Price is No Object.

DSC_0034, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

While on Vacation in Vegas this yr. (7-24-09). Its’ a good thing that there are more to do than hang out the Casino’s and Hotel. Of course the accommodation were we stayed was excellent. But going to Vegas, you don’t spend your time in the hotel.

After a good night’s rest from the night before. We want to see the rest of Vegas have to offer. So we took a taxi from Mandalay Bay to the Bellagio which is a walking distance to Caesars Palace. As we walk around and look at the shops. I’m amaze at the number of people going thru these shops like you see people going to Walmart. Just a figure of speech cause they were allot of people going thru.

Just have to give people credit for those people that Price is No Object. Vegas Shops definitely have something for them. Even though I didn’t have the money to spend on the blings, and the clothes. It was fun going thru the shops. PEACE

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Las Vegas Trip

DSC_0095, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Still remember going to Las Vegas. We left our office to catch our flight using US Air. Friday July 24-09. Leaving our town was the easy part. Its’ only a 2 stop flight to Vegas. 1st stop is in Atlanta made it in less than 2hrs. When the plane touch down. I was already in a party mode. The flight from our home to Vegas is only a 6hr flight.

Arriving in Atlanta Airport gave us plenty of time to sit and look at the terminal site. As the time goes by waiting for us to board. Our flight was delayed. 2hrs waiting and the flight later was cancelled.

So all the passengers on our flight going to Vegas was told of this and the one’s who heard this. Rush to the terminal to catch the available plain out to Vegas. So in the terminal we wait and wait. The lines were long and took a minimum 1hr. per customer to get a connection flight to Vegas.

Its’ now 5hrs. since our flight was cancelled in line for a connection to Vegas. As we wait for our tern to talk to the attendants. Which there were only 3 agents taking care of hundreds waiting to get there turn to get schedule for the next flight to Vegas. 2 of the front agent decided to take a break. While we wait there on line waiting.

If your’ reading this blog, you probably get the idea that it is a nightmare stranded in the airport waiting for your connecting flight.
But, thank goodness we finally made it to Vegas. We only have 4 nights. And the magic of Vegas make me forget what it took to get there.

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The Wedding

Ole & Candice I do, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

I call my nephews’ wedding From Boys to Man. When a man say “I do.” That is a journey to the world of RESPONSIBILTY. Giving up the carefree life of childhood. To commitment and responsibility of adulthood.

The wedding was two years ago. But when I look at this pictures, it looks like the wedding just happen last week. I had a good time. All the food all the drinks.Yea! It was a great wedding.

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Japanese Summer Festival

Japanesebaby, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Don’t need to go to Japan to enjoy Japanese culture. But it’s better if you go. NC State of North Carolina have this cultural exhibit this weekend 7-11-09. I attended only for one reason food. The sun that day was hidden by clouds which didn’t matter to me. I’m determine to have some authentic Japanese food. I also took my camera and took some some pictures of the event. I had a great time. Left with my bely full with great food. The only drawback is they were not serving BEER. Other than that it was a great day.

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