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Dinner at the Blue Moon

We were walking around Fayetteville, NC looking at historical sites. One of the building that has allot of history behind it is the Market House.Market HouseAnother reason I went downtown Fayetteville is to check out a new restaurant called the Blue Moon.BlueMoon
Ahh here it is. Looks inviting and they have outside seating which is nice kinda European. We went in to see whats’ available and true to my taste, Beer Special. I’m liking this place already.Beer Daily EspecialInside I talk to the manager Oliver Belche mixing up a especial concoction. Visit with him awhile to find out he’s a Fayetteville NC native. He’s married wife expecting anytime soon. Just came back to Fayetteville, from Denver to run the Blue Moon.Olie Special BagWell I wanted to try some of the micro-beer he has in stock. We started out with a sandwich which is delice. Hmmm yummi.SandwichI had beer, my Uncle had a mediterranean sandwich that has salmon and little amount of winegar which is to die for. I had more beer of course. We have desert, which is like a peach cobler with pecan nuts.Desert
Another delice dish. The drink, dinner and desert cost was not bad. The service is excellent. We left with our stomach full. The town has quint shops. So we walk around some and window shop.WindowShopping
There’s some new antique stores around which we have not been into. So we went in to check it out.AntiqueOverall  it was a great day in the city. So if you plan to go downtown Fayetteville. Make sure to stop by the Blue Moon. A good way to cap off your day. To see more pictures clik PICTURE. Enjoy

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LockCreek Restaurant

Looking for a place to eat tonight. My Uncle and sister invited me and Mieko (my wife) for dinner by the river. Never been there so went ahead and tag along. Getting there, the place look pretty nice.LocksCreek RestaurantLooking inside, they have a nice barBarSo we got seated and first thing first. Yep got to have a beer.BeerWith the beer came cornbread and butter. Oh yeaCornBreadThe cornbread was made in the restaurant moist and sweet tasting. Nothing like the smell of freshly made bread. then the main meal came in. I ordered the Fish Plate which consist of fried flounder, oyster and shrimp combo. HmmmmSeafood PlaterThe fish was lightly coated with their own flowr mix with seasoning. It tasted delicious. I ordered one plate but there was enough for two people which I shared with Mieko. We were so stuff. I have to walk by the river before heading home. At the river there were plenty of people fishing. Hope they caought something.River WalkOK! Time to head back home. If you’r looking for a good place to eat, check out LockCreek Reastaurant, Fayetteville, NC don’t know were its’ at but you can Google for direction. Later:)

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Outdoor Dinner

Mieko my wife called out while I’m mowing the yard and ask if I want to join my Sister and Uncle for an outdoor dinner. Well it is Saturday (6-20-09). Driving to the country having dinner is better than mowing the yard. She also said it’s a fund raiser for the city. I’m not one for giving anymore money to the city but dinner sold me to her idea. Besides its’ allot better than cutting the yard.

That afternoon, we drove looking for the place were we’re suppose to have dinner. We found it and the place looks very country. Lake View

The scene from the farm looks very misleading. Even with all the shades from the trees and small ponds surrounding the place. It was hot and humid. Looking at the temperature gauge hanging by the barn prove it’s hot. But it don’t show the humidity index. Its’ Humid and hot.


Walking around the farm. Here are some of the picture taken.Water fallThey have interesting scene but, I was more interested were the drinks and food are. I found the setting arrangement.Seating ArrangementOK were getting somewhere. Found the drink.  Ahh more like it.RefreshmentFriendly servers. OK now for the food.ServersAhh the main course. Nothing like bbq in a hot summer afternoon.Master Cooker 2Now we’re talking. After getting food and drinks. We sat down and thank our food.St.PeterFood was fantastic. I’m not the one that eat and run. But It was hot eating outdoor and the mosquitoes are joining the party. While the sun is still up we say goodbye to our guees and  boogey out of there.

Sun on Trees

I’ve taken more pictures from the farm. Click on more Pictures.

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