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Lunch! Japanese Style

When I was invited to have lunch with friends. I was thinking OK I’m hungry anyway. Didn’t expect it to be in a famous Restaurant that specialize in Tempura. I was game though. Glad I went. It was dellice!

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Girls Day out in Japan

This is what’s it like to spend a day in Japan with friends.

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Japanese Summer Festival

Japanesebaby, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

Don’t need to go to Japan to enjoy Japanese culture. But it’s better if you go. NC State of North Carolina have this cultural exhibit this weekend 7-11-09. I attended only for one reason food. The sun that day was hidden by clouds which didn’t matter to me. I’m determine to have some authentic Japanese food. I also took my camera and took some some pictures of the event. I had a great time. Left with my bely full with great food. The only drawback is they were not serving BEER. Other than that it was a great day.

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