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My July the 4th

July the 4th. As many times I celebrate the 4th. It seems like I just celebrate the 4th for the first time all over again. This 4th of July was special coz there are allot of family’s friend joining us at Surf Side to celebrate the 4th with us. I always say the more the merrier. We left Fayetteville early to join the party Friday evening at Surf Side SC. First thing in the morning everybody seem to be hungry for breakfast.BreakfastSince Winbeldon is on. Thats’ right early to us is closer to noon. We all want to watch the Williams play at Wimbleton. So we eat and watch:WatchingtvSince we all have new toys. Can’t help it if we talk pixcils.CalvinFrankAfter we finished with breakfast, our realtor friend Bill, been telling us that prices have drop considerably in the area and it might be worth it to look at some property. So we all went to look at houses that day.House 4saleThis house is awsome. I took more pictures so make sure to click on more pictures after reading this. According to Bill this house use to sell for $2.1 million. Its’ selling for $500.000.00 Wow. It also comes with animaties. So people who buy this home also would belong to a hotel clubHotelBy belonging to this club, you can entertain your friends in the club house. Which is fully stock with adult drinks. I’m liking this already.Club BarYou can also enjoy the club pool. Oh yea!Club OViewIt’s to good to be true. Isn’t life good if you got the bucks. Well we went back home to think about it. While tinking about it. We cool of in the pool.AtthepoolOK! Since we’re all wet, decided to head out to the beach.Ocean viewWe ate dinner. Then we walk back to the beach to watch the July the 4th fire works.Fire WorksWe stayed as long as we could. But all good things come to an end. Went back home exhausted and the guess still up and will be playing cards all night long.HomeWell more power to them but I’m gone. Well we had a great week hopefully everybody feel the same way. This I can do all over again. I do have more pictures click on Picture to see more. Ok that’s my 4th hope you have a good one also.

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