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If Price is No Object.

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While on Vacation in Vegas this yr. (7-24-09). Its’ a good thing that there are more to do than hang out the Casino’s and Hotel. Of course the accommodation were we stayed was excellent. But going to Vegas, you don’t spend your time in the hotel.

After a good night’s rest from the night before. We want to see the rest of Vegas have to offer. So we took a taxi from Mandalay Bay to the Bellagio which is a walking distance to Caesars Palace. As we walk around and look at the shops. I’m amaze at the number of people going thru these shops like you see people going to Walmart. Just a figure of speech cause they were allot of people going thru.

Just have to give people credit for those people that Price is No Object. Vegas Shops definitely have something for them. Even though I didn’t have the money to spend on the blings, and the clothes. It was fun going thru the shops. PEACE

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Las Vegas Trip

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Still remember going to Las Vegas. We left our office to catch our flight using US Air. Friday July 24-09. Leaving our town was the easy part. Its’ only a 2 stop flight to Vegas. 1st stop is in Atlanta made it in less than 2hrs. When the plane touch down. I was already in a party mode. The flight from our home to Vegas is only a 6hr flight.

Arriving in Atlanta Airport gave us plenty of time to sit and look at the terminal site. As the time goes by waiting for us to board. Our flight was delayed. 2hrs waiting and the flight later was cancelled.

So all the passengers on our flight going to Vegas was told of this and the one’s who heard this. Rush to the terminal to catch the available plain out to Vegas. So in the terminal we wait and wait. The lines were long and took a minimum 1hr. per customer to get a connection flight to Vegas.

Its’ now 5hrs. since our flight was cancelled in line for a connection to Vegas. As we wait for our tern to talk to the attendants. Which there were only 3 agents taking care of hundreds waiting to get there turn to get schedule for the next flight to Vegas. 2 of the front agent decided to take a break. While we wait there on line waiting.

If your’ reading this blog, you probably get the idea that it is a nightmare stranded in the airport waiting for your connecting flight.
But, thank goodness we finally made it to Vegas. We only have 4 nights. And the magic of Vegas make me forget what it took to get there.

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