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The Windy City: Chicago

In Chicago one day, Cloudy nothing new. But can’t leave the City with no pictures. So went to the main street. Doing what tourist would do and took some pictures. Glad I did:)




Face in a building.


The pictures change. Just caught this man sleeping.

On my way out.  Saw the Saxman playing some Jazz.  Chicago fantastic City.

Mr. SaxMan

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Hong Kong

I always been wanting to go to Hong Kong. So when an opportunity came up. I went. Your only young once. Of course have to take my camera with me. What I find out quickly. This city is not camera friendly. Have several times approach by a security agent saying no pictures here.

Can’t understand why they feel that way. So I took some pictures where I can. Not sure I want to go back.

Hong Kong: Street Scene

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