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Lunch! Japanese Style

When I was invited to have lunch with friends. I was thinking OK I’m hungry anyway. Didn’t expect it to be in a famous Restaurant that specialize in Tempura. I was game though. Glad I went. It was dellice!

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Tokyo Japan


Louis Vuitton Building, originally uploaded by rabano9196.

My trip to Japan is always been so exciting. My wife who’s a native Japanese travel back at least once a year. On one of our trip we stop by Tokyo and saw this building with the iconic trademark of Louis Vuitton. Haven’t seen anything like this in the States’ so I snap a picture of it.

We went inside this building. Its’ a huge department store inside with several layers of department. If the display give a hint of what they sell inside, its’ all high end merchandise. Wish I snap a picture inside to show the activity. They have wall to wall people. One of the best experience when I ask for service is, everybody working seem to be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Hate to say it. The service I received there don’t compare with the service here in the state. If you don’t look the part here, you wouldn’t get the attention they’ll give you there. Oh well.

I have more review of my visit in Japan so stay tune. Will blog other sites.

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